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We provide in-person and live, online group classes that are designed to meet your unique English language level and learning style in a relaxed and fun environment. All first language groups are welcome. Join, now, and boost your English skills!

Watching my mother as days turn to weeks and then months, her English improves more and more. I have seen her turn from someone who does not speak English out loud, in fear of how she will sound, to someone who is hungry for knowledge. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Mary Ann. It means the world.
Mary Ann
Mary Ann is an internationally recognized Adult & K-12 ESL Teacher with 35 years experience. Her unique and effective classes are known for making the learning of English fun, relaxed, and user-friendly.When she was 10 years old, her neighbor hosted an exchange student from Japan. Although they had no shared language, they spent many hours sharing laughter and smiles over playing table tennis. That summer, the desire to help people communicate was planted.

English Express Know Your Nonprofits Times Standard June 1, 2021
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